Novotech in a nutshell
Novotech was Founded in 1999
Our Headquarters is in Acton, MA.
Our main facility is located in Acton which is dedicated to optical fabrication, lens design/manufacturing,  and demilitarization.
Novotech has a second facility in Lakeside, AZ. This facility is dedicated to precision polished and wafer manufacturing.
We currently have about 20 employees
What we do
Novotech, Inc. is an Electro-Optic/Infrared (EO/IR) manufacturer of lenses and optics. We service the commercial, Aero Space, and defense industries. We offer life-cycle solutions for EO/IR systems to industry leaders, Military/Civilian Program Managers, and OEMs.
Novotech started as an IR Materials supplier. Through the years, the company has acquired the capabilities to fabricate optics, design and manufacture Lens assemblies.