Custom Lenses
From concept to product,
Let our engineering and manufacturing capabilities
bring your product to life.
  • Prototypes
  • Proof-Of-Concept
  • Mass Production
Optional Wavelengths
  • Short Wave  1 - 3 µm
  • Mid Wave  3 - 5 µm
  • Long Wave 7 - 15 µm
  • Broadband (as required)
Optional Coatings
  • DLC/Hard Carbon Coating
  • High Durability Anti Reflective Coating
  • High Efficiency Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Infrared Filter Coatings
  • Metalized Coatings
Cameras, Cores & Detectors
Let our project management team work with you to find an affordable and reliable IR solutions.
There are many Infrared systems on the market. Novotech designs and builds compatible lenses for the systems of your choosing. We work with all of the major formats, including but not limited to the:
  • Formats: 1280x1024, 640x512, 640x480, 384x288, 320x240, and 160x120;
  • Pixel-pitches: 12 μm, 17 μm, 15 μm and 25 μm or lower;
  • Cooled cameras, cores and detectors;
  • UnCooled cameras, cores and detectors;​
  • Off-the-shelf detectors: We design and build to the existing specifications;
  • Customized detectors: We design and build to your unique specifications.
Lens Testing &
           Optics Performance
Test Per Mil Specifications
  • MTF Test
  • Shock & Vibration Testing
  • Submersion & Ingress Test
  • Field of View Test
  • Additional testing as required or requested
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