• Germanium
  • Silicon
  • Zinc Selenide
  • Zinc Sulfide/Cleartran™
  • Sapphire
Optional Coatings
  • DLC/Hard Carbon Coating
  • High Durability Anti Reflective Coating
  • High Efficiency Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Infrared Filter Coatings
  • Metalized Coatings
Novotech offers IR coating options for our windows, optics, domes and lenses. For additional information see the sections Products , Services and IR Materials .

Novotech can produce high precision domes for pods and missiles. We have been supplying missile domes for demanding applications. The company has earned a reputation for quality and precision within the defense industry.
Domes are generally designed to protect electronic detectors and sensors from moving particles such as sand, debris, and water while extending their viewing angles. They can be manufactured to specification from a variety of materials.
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