Novotech is a global leader in the recycling and reclaim of germanium. We have a capabilities to reclaim germanium is many states and conditions, including:
  • Broken/damaged germanium optics;
  • Germanium optics coated with ThF4:
  • Spent germanium sputtering targets;
  • Solid chunks of germanium;
  • Solar panels containing germanium;
  • Fiber optic waste streams containing germanium;
  • Slurry containing germanium from diamond turning, polishing, slicing, grinding, etc. (material may have a mix of material besides germanium);
  • Waste streams from IR coating chambers;
  • Waste from making or shaping IR glasses containing germanium;
  • Industrial waste stream containing germanium;
Novotech has been qualified by the United States Department of the Navy and the Defense Contract Managemen Agency (DCMA) to reclaim germanium material, including material coated with ThF4.
  • Purchase material - We purchase germanium reclaimable material globally.
  • Material Credit - We offer material credit for those who want to exchange new optics for their damaged or scraped germanium optics. This material credit is applied to new optical purchase orders. This is a perfect program for civilian and defense program managers who are looking to reduce the cost associated with repairing, replacing or sustaining their IR programs.
  • Dispose of materialIn some cases, Novotech will dispose of material containing germanium which is to hazardous for normal reclaim. Depending on the composition of the material, the material can be given to Novotech without cost or a fee will be required.
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