Optical Systems

Novotech will demilitarize optical systems containing germanium optics. We provide certifications of destruction according to the requirements of the demilitarization code. We demilitarize:
  • Thermal surveillance systems;
  • Thermal cameras;
  • Biological detection units;
  • Targeting acquisition;
  • Forward looking infrared (FLIR) system;
  • Heat seeking missile domes;
  • Fire Control systems;
  • Thermal weapon sights;
  • Thermal binoculars and monocular;
  • Thermal night vision units;
  • Driver’s enhancement units;
  • Pilot vision enhancement units;
  • Commanders enhance viewing systems;
  • TAS and MTAS units.
We can demilitarize your system. Please contact us with any question or demilitarization request.
Novotech has been qualified by the United States Department of the Navy and the Defense Contract Managemen Agency (DCMA) to reclaim germanium material, including material coated with ThF4.
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  • Government Furnished Material (GFM) Credit Program – For program managers who are looking to reduce the cost associate with repairing, replacing or sustaining IR programs, GFM Credit may be just the option that you need. Novotech will provide you with new optics in exchange for your damaged germanium optics based on an agreed material credit. In a nutshell, give us your unusable scrap material and we will provide new optics of your choice.
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