Germanium &

Let us manufacture 
                            your wafers
Coated or polished semiconductor wafers
Diameter: 15mm to 150mm
Thickness: 0.3mm to 5 mm
Resistivity: to 20,
Orientation: 111, 100
Type: n or p
Flats: as per Semi-standard or custom made.
Surface finish:  No surface defects under high intensity light inspection as per Semi-standard.
TTV: < 0.015mm
BOW: < 0.015mm
WARP: < 0.015mm
Prime Epi-Ready Polished Wafers
We put prime polished wafers through a sophisticated chemical-mechanical polishing process and package in clean rooms.
Custom Wafers
We manufacture
to your requirements

These custom wafers can have non-standard diameters or thickness, laser marking, flats, chemical etching, etc...
Test or Mechanical grade Wafers
We supply test/monitor wafers, or monitor wafers for testing semiconductor fabrication lines and processes. 
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