Calcium Fluoride CaF2

     CaF2 is optical key material in microlithography. CaF2 is established as an industry standard material for excimer laser optics due to excellent laser durability for Excimer laser optics (157nm, 193nm, 248nm). The unique optical properties and excellent transmittance in UV, VIS and IR spectral ranges of CaF2 enable a variety of advanced applications: IR optics, Excimer laser optics, Microlithography optics, Laser windows, IR optics, UV optics, Spectroscopy optics, Microscope optics.
    According to their transmission spectral region and applications, several types of CaF2 are distinguished: CaF2 excimer grade, CaF2 UV grade, and caF2 IR grade. Novotech offers CaF2 Poly or MONO. MONO CaF2 can be oriented and cut along axis such as <111>, or <100> . For CaF2 IR grade is often grown from natural fluoride, what significantly reduse cost. IR grade CaF2 will not have the best transmission in the UV and VUV and can have absorption bands at 300nm. CaF2 UV grade grow from chemically prepared raw material. CaF 2 excimer grade шы growт from the highest grade of specially selected material and crystals.

Novotech has the capacity to perform diamond turning, polishing, and custom manufacturing for all size orders from prototype to production quantity.

Physical and optical properties of Calcium Fluoride CaF2

Thermal and mechanical properties of Calcium Fluoride CaF2

Calcium Fluoride CaF2 VUV grade transmission curve
Sample thickness 5 mm

Calcium Fluoride CaF2 transmission curve

Refractive index of Calcium Fluoride CaF2

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