Germanium (Ge) refining, salvage, recovery, and reclamation.

Novotech Inc has been qualified by the United States Department of the Navy and the Defense Contract Managemen Agency (DCMA) to reclaim germanium material, including material coated with ThF4.

Novotech Inc is a global leader in the recycling and reclaim of germanium. We have a capabilities to reclaim germanium is many states and conditions, including: Broken/damaged germanium optics; Germanium optics coated with ThF4: Spent germanium sputtering targets; Solid chunks of germanium; Solar panels containing germanium; Fiber optic waste streams containing germanium; Slurry containing germanium from diamond turning, polishing, slicing, grinding, etc. (material may have a mix of material besides germanium); Waste streams from IR coating chambers; Waste from making or shaping IR glasses containing germanium; Industrial waste stream containing germanium;

Germanium Dioxide GeO2

Novotech Inc is a global supplier of high quality, high purity germanium dioxide.

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